In 2005 Centennial High School started with one leadership class of 25 students.  Now Centennial has six  Leadership classes per year with around 200 students total. 

At Centennial students have hosted and run two Alberta Student Leadership Conferences in 2009 and 2016.  Each conference welcomed 900 students and 150 advisers from across Alberta as well as guests from other provinces and territories. 

Centennial students organize and run an annual Rockathon fundraiser.  Last year 240 students raised $25,000.00 for the Alberta Children’s Hospital. 

Brent is married to the amazing Krista and is the proud father of four boys.

-has taught Student Leadership in B.C. and Alberta for over 20 years

-presented in schools and conferences across Canada

– Director for the Canadian Student Leadership Association

– previously served as President of  The Alberta Association of Student Councils and Advisers –  AASCA

-currently teaching Leadership and P.E., Department Head of Student Leadership, and coaches rugby at Centennial High School in Calgary, Alberta

– a certified Link Crew coordinator at Centennial

–  Brent’s previous schools have also hosted the Jr. High and the Adviser Alberta conferences

-Canadian Student Leadership Association Leader of Distinction Award September 2012

-Alberta Excellence in  Teaching Award Finalist 2004

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