“Thank you for coming! Everyone loved your sessions. The opening keynote really spoke to everyone. It was uplifting yet sobering. We all related in some way to the trials and tribulations that are our children. They are our greatest gift!”

Ramona Stiller – Chair – Saskatchewan School Community Council Provincial Conference


“A few of our students had the pleasure of hearing Brent speak at CSLC in Edmonton, and then upon returning to their leadership class, did the work to bring Brent to our school. Brent was willing to communicate with our students throughout the whole planning process, and together, they planned a full day for our students and staff. Brent facilitated a staff learning session on school culture, and even left us with a challenge to complete. He then spoke to grade 7-12 students, worked with our student leadership team, and spent time energizing our middle years crew. I would highly recommend having Brent to your school – his passion for student leadership is contagious!”

Camille Hounjet – Principal – Kenaston School – Kenaston SK


“This is a direct quotation from our Student Council President ‘I knew today would be fantastic but I had no idea how fantastic. I am so excited for this year and I want to start everything now, but obviously that can’t actually happen.’
You are amazing and we are so lucky to have you. I can’t wait to run with the momentum that you started!”

Malynda Kouperman – Student Council Advisor Henry Wisewood High School, Calgary after a full day Student Council retreat with Brent Dickson


“I would like to thank you for changing my focus in teaching.

I am quite good at connecting with kids.  The staff at my school are amazing people. Yet, many of the students don’t care and simply coast through life.

I had been spending a lot of time thinking about why that is.  What you said regarding kids needing to be connected to the school really got me thinking.

I have also recently taken over our WEB class (school leadership) and luckily most of them were with me.  We all agree that we need to start connecting more kids to our school.

I have also shifted my professional growth plan to reflect my excitement in this.”

Greg Hyslop       Glenrosa Middle School, Central Okanagan, B.C. – after attending the B.C. Leadership Summit and hearing Brent’s keynote speech


“Brent was one of the keynote speakers at our Jr. High Provincial Leadership Conference. It was an amazing experience and opportunity for all in attendance, not just the youth. Brent speaks from the heart about his Autistic son, Jake. He explains about the trials and tribulations in dealing with this disorder but also how Jake has enriched his life and taught him some very valuable life lessons. Brent’s message is both moving and motivational.”

Quotes from some of the students at the conference were:

“Brent Dickson’s message was REAL!”

“I found it to be very touching.”

“It was great because it was interactive!”

“It taught us to think of what is important in life.”

Sue Moore – J.T. Foster, Nanton AB


“I am writing on behalf of Brent Dickson, whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for a good number of years. Brent has done amazing leadership work with students in the British Columbia & Alberta educational systems. He was the key organizer of the first “Alberta Junior Student Leadership Conference” and the first “Alberta Student Activity Advisor’s Conference”, both of which have become annual events.

There are many other leadership roles I could mention, however, the main reason for writing this letter is to recommend Brent as a great speaker/presenter to both a student audience and a teacher audience. Every year for the past 15 years I have been involved in organizing the B.C. Student Leaderships Seminars. The seminars are taken to five different regions within British Columbia every May with the purpose of teaching leadership skills to next year’s student leaders and influencing their leadership commitment.

Brent was one of the seminar’s highlights. As a keynote presenter his message to the approximate 2000 delegates (students & advisors) was powerful and informative. Not only was it motivational, the delegates went away with a wealth of ideas and projects to implement in their schools. With his teaching and leadership background Brent relates extremely well with his audience. I would highly recommend Brent as a positive speaker/presenter at your school or conference.”

Yours in leadership,   Bill Edgecombe


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