These are some of the presentations I have given to Students and Adults across Canada.  These presentations can be modified or combined.  I am open to trying something new or different that would meet the needs of you school, group, business, or conference.

Jake The GreatKeynote Speech  – Seeing The World Through The Eyes Of Autism       Brent’s oldest son Jacob was diagnosed with Autism at 2 1/2 years old.  He is currently 23 years old.  Join Brent as he shares the challenges, struggles, and joys that come with being part of a family with an Autistic child.  Brent will share with you how his view of the world and others has changed as a result of this journey.

Brent Dickson’s Top Leadership Ideas (and why we do them)  – keynote or small group workshop–  Do you need some ideas to energize your school this year or even next week.  Brent presents some of the best ideas he has successfully used in his schools. He will discuss why the activities he shares can improve your school.  He also shows you how to effectively beg, borrow, copy, and adapt ideas from elsewhere and make them work for you.

Empowering Youth By … Leaning Against A Wall   – keynote or small group workshop-  Leading Youth today can be a complex task.  Join Brent Dickson as he shares the three things he has found empowers our youth to be successful and make a difference in their communities. 

Zen and the Art of Leadership Program Balance – keynote or small group workshop –Do you ever feel your Student Leadership Program is out of balance? Do you feel like something is missing or you aren’t accomplishing the things that matter most? Join Brent as he shares what has brought balance to his Student Leadership program over the last 20 years. You might even discover ways to bring some balance to your own life as well.

Team Building Workshops – large or small group workshop – Brent will work with your group to create a better team dynamic.  The workshop will begin with icebreakers and move towards activities with imbedded leadership lessons that have application to your program.  This workshop can be done with small or large groups from one hour to a whole day or weekend experience.

How To Run A Conference – large or small group workshop – Brent has been the chair of four Provincial Conferences in Alberta.  He started the first ever Jr. High conference and two years later revived the Provincial Advisor conference which had been dormant for many years. He chaired the Provincial High School Leadership Conference at Centennial High School in 2009 and 2016.  Brent will work with your group to help you run your own successful conference.  This workshop can share a general formula for success or work specifically with your group to address the needs and concerns of your conference.  After the initial workshop, Brent would be available for continued training, advice, and support.

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