Festive Homemade Yellow Lanyards

Kelly came up to me near the end of class and said she had an idea.  “I think we should make our own Festive Yellow Lanyards.”  Festive Yellow Lanyards? - Intrigued? - read on.  The Canadian Student Leadership Association runs one day Horizons conferences across Canada each year.  I have presented at many of them.  Twice … Continue reading Festive Homemade Yellow Lanyards

Star City Saskatchewan Superstars

I had the privilege of visiting four Saskatchewan schools in four days during my Spring Break with the CSLA Horizons tour. Our first stop was in Tisdale, SK, home of Brent Butt. (I'm a big Corner Gas fan)  I had given my presentation and was just starting on lunch. The room was full, couldn't see … Continue reading Star City Saskatchewan Superstars

#warriorpride?, at Centennial, Home Of The Coyotes??

I had the privilege of working with Henry Wisewood's Student Council last Friday.  They are preparing to host the Canadian Student Leadership Association's Horizons Conference on Oct. 15 and wanted to get ready for an amazing day. Surprise (not really), while sharing Centennial ideas with them I got some great ideas in return. Wisewood had … Continue reading #warriorpride?, at Centennial, Home Of The Coyotes??