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Centennial’s Got Butter!!??

Fun lunchtime activity to try.  We advertised “Centennial’s Got Butter” all over the school and on Instagram.  We did a take on America’s Got Talent.  The Centennial’s Got Butter logo looked the same as America’s Got Talent.  One of our ads put the faces of our teacher judges over the actual AG Talent judges.  Using a pop culture reference like America’s Got Talent helps promote because kids already get what that is all about.  Teams of two made their best butter sculptures with teacher judges picking the winner.  Each kid got microwave hot buttered popcorn and the judges a chocolate disk as thanks.  Happy butter sculpting.

Leadership Class of 2017

A huge shout out to our 3 year Student Leadership grads.  They have made a huge difference in their 3 years at Centennial.  At lunch today we had treats, watched the traditional powerpoint with three years of pictures, and handed out the “Oh The Places You’ll Go” signed books.  Thanks to Ms. McGregor  (Mama McGreggs) who put the powerpoint together.  We will miss Ms. Marschall who after 5 years as an amazing Leadership Advisor is moving on to Bowness and an 8 minute commute.  All the best to our Leadership Grads who we know will make a difference wherever they go.  Go Yotes!

Coyotes From Around The World

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After watching Mark Scharenbroich’s Building Connections video with my Gr. 10 class we decided it was time to find a way to recognize the many international students in our school.  Permanent flags were a bit too ambitious for us so the students decided to make maps of the different continents and show how many Coyotes were born in each country.  Fortunately we were able to run a list off our student information program.  This is another way for us to connect the dots and hopefully make students feel a part of Centennial.  Shout out to my Gr. 10s who did an awesome job.

R U smarter than Trump??? – Coyote (Spirit) Week



Centennial High School hosted another successful Coyote (spirit) Week!  Each day we have a dress up theme and an activity at lunch. Whenever you dress up and or participate they get entries for prizes.  At the end of the week we pull names and they get to come to the Leadership room and pick a prize in the order their name was drawn.  This year features gift cards, Flames tickets etc.

Monday – Coyote colors – if they are wearing black, grey, or green we give them an entry and thank them for participating – usually they have no idea and we get them to buy in – thx to Ian Tyson for the idea

Tuesday – Wear plaid – a big hit

Wednesday – Jersey Day – I bravely wear my Oilers Jersey in Calgary Flames country

Thursday – PJs & Sweats Day

Friday – no school!!

Monday at Lunch – R U smarter than Trump – one of our students dressed up like Trump and had competitions against students like – Why do you love Putin? – Who can build a better wall? – Did Trump say this?  For my American friends this may be a bit delicate but a big hit in Calgary.

Tuesday at Lunch – Arm Wrestling tournament – this is an annual event for us – big crowds

Wednesday at Lunch – What would you do for a Klondike? – Students played the Klondike commercial techno version – several challenges including  – someone does your make up – peel a banana with your feet – reinact movie scenes from Titanic and Frozen – eat a hot pepper – get your leg waxed

Thursday at Lunch – Hanging Doughnuts – hang doughnuts from a string and students eat them with their hands behind their back

Good luck with your spirit weeks or other activities.  A great way to kick off the year!



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