Sam I Am, Sam I Am … I will try that this week Sam I Am!

Josh walked into the classroom, came right up to me (he is 6’5” and at least 275 lbs) and said “We are doing the Green Eggs & Ham challenge, right?!”  You bet Josh. The previous week I read the class Green Eggs & Ham.  I then challenged them to try something new during the next … Continue reading Sam I Am, Sam I Am … I will try that this week Sam I Am!

Pillow Balancing on Google Meet – School Culture Matters

My Leadership 10 class is finishing off our weekly Google Meet class. At this point we have been out of school for two months.  At the end I give them what I call the five minute free for all.  Everyone can unmute their microphones and say whatever they want.  It can get a little chaotic but a … Continue reading Pillow Balancing on Google Meet – School Culture Matters

Guest Speaker follow up assignment

Phil Boyte Reflection Assignment Looking for an assignment you can use to build on a keynote or guest speaker presentation.  Try this one attached above.  Phil Boyte spoke at our school. His presentation was excellent and I highly recommend him.  His website: The day after his session we spent time debriefing what stood out … Continue reading Guest Speaker follow up assignment

Star City Saskatchewan Superstars

I had the privilege of visiting four Saskatchewan schools in four days during my Spring Break with the CSLA Horizons tour. Our first stop was in Tisdale, SK, home of Brent Butt. (I'm a big Corner Gas fan)  I had given my presentation and was just starting on lunch. The room was full, couldn't see … Continue reading Star City Saskatchewan Superstars

Feedership Conference

Centennial High School hosted our annual Feeder Leadership Conference. 150 students from Samuel Shaw School and MidSun Jr. High attended.  These are the two main schools whose students will eventually be Coyotes.  I am very proud of my class pictured above.  This was a student planned and run conference with minimal guidance from me. Why … Continue reading Feedership Conference

It Snows Sept. 9 ??? Make Snowmen!

On Sept. 9 Calgary woke up to about 3 inches of snow.  I may live in the Great White North but this was too much!  We had our Leadership kickoff retreat happening that day.  One of the activities that day was happening on the field.  So we adjusted.  If it snows, make snowmen!  Something that … Continue reading It Snows Sept. 9 ??? Make Snowmen!