My son and I attended the Calgary Comic Convention a couple of weeks ago.  This was my first Comic Con and I had a blast. I got to listen to Herschel from Walking Dead and Ensign Harry Kim from Voyageur.  It was nerdtastic.  I was very impressed with all the amazing costumes.  The Tuscan Warrior and a person dressed as an old school Mysterio from Spiderman were my favorites.  The greatest compliment you could give someone is to tell them “Nice costume, can I take a picture?”  It reminded me of Mark Schaerenbroich’s Nick Bike compliments.

I noticed that the most fun people were having was being with other like minded comicon fans.  They were sharing stories, admiring costumes, and being with their tribe.  It is important to have a tribe to belong to.  That can include family, church, community groups, or even a Comiccon convention.

School can meet this need for lots of kids.  Let’s make sure to have schools with lots of tribes for students to belong to.

May the 4th be with you!

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