Devastating cuts had been announced by the Alberta Government the end of October.  Temporary contract teachers may lose their jobs soon.  Teaching schedules may change.  Yet again we are asked to do more with less.  The mood feels heavier and more somber among staff than it has in years. The next day is session #2 of our Breakfast Club for staff.  We aren’t sure how many staff will come. 

Ten faithful staff arrive around 8 AM.  They grab their breakfast and all squeeze in around one table so nobody was left out.  Then they start to visit, following the one rule at Breakfast club, no school talk.  With the tough things we were dealing with I thought how great it was for some of us to be together and support each other.  While leaving one staff member said “This is just what we needed”. We ran the Breakfast Club four mornings and each time it gave staff a chance to connect but I felt the day after doomsday it made a difference for those who came. 

How did we do it.  We hosted 4 mornings, once a week, for a month.  We invited a quarter of the staff each time making sure that there was a good mix from different departments and groups.  We served bagels, fruit, yogurt bar, and deviled eggs (one of our student’s specialties).  We had juice there but did not serve coffee or tea.   

P.S – we have since got a doomsday reprieve – some extra funds were found and no one loses their jobs this year – we shall see in June 

Our Breakfast Club Staff invite – feel free to download and copy or modify –!Ah1BegozVtqBy0RqqlxlpbTeNgSg?e=PBQrJe

Questions about how we ran the Club? email me

Leadership Lesson Idea – Change Three Things 

Leadership students after several appearance changes

Have your students choose a partner, hopefully someone they don’t know so well. Tell them to look at each other carefully from head to toe in a non creepy fashion 😊 .  Then have them stand back to back and tell them to change three things about their appearance.  Before you have them turn around tell them to not change anything back. Then when they turn around have them identify the three changes. Now they turn around and make three more changes.  Then try to identify the three new changes.  Then do it one more time for a total of nine changes.  I find the first three are easy.  When you ask for the next three they act like this is the hardest thing ever.  Once they get over the hump the final three are easy.  Then debrief with the 5 questions: 

  1. Did you notice?  Tell them what you saw, including the great complaining with changes 4-6 
  1. Why did that happen? Ask why the middle changes seemed so hard?  Or whatever ese they may observe. 
  1. Does that happen in Leadership / School / Life? – Maybe discuss how we sometimes get pushed and it seems really hard but once you push through it is okay 
  1. Why does that happen? Why is it that when we push through things get easier? 
  1. How can we use this? Get them to share practical ideas 

The discussion may focus on different things but the questions work the same.  Some lesson activities I can only do once every three years.  They love this one.  It is good to do every year. 

You can find this activity and more great ideas in the book Springboard.  You can purchase it here if you are interested.

A good Leadership read over the Holidays

Read about the story of the Wright brothers. I was so impressed with their dedication and focus. It was inspiring.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and a restful and refreshing break.

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One thought on “The Breakfast Club Battles Doomsday (Budget Cuts)

  1. Glad to hear nobody will lose their positions. Unfortunately it is happening everywhere.
    Leadership makes Centennial a great place for everyone. Thanks for keeping it alive.
    I hope you left a little wiggle room in your worm budget.

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