First – Why I love being a Leadership Advisor – 2 wins for me this past week

Vanessa – In the middle of one of my morning classes Vanessa came for a visit.  I was in the middle of a lesson but could tell she really wanted to talk to me.   I waved her in.  She told me she had just been accepted that morning to the University program of her choice.  The class gave her a cheer and I gave her some Covid friendly air high fives.  It felt great that she didn’t wait until our class together in the afternoon to come tell me her great news. 

Laren – Laren is in Gr 12 and in his second year of Leadership.  He has some learning challenges.  I was so happy that he took the class again this year.  In class we were talking about our Leadership skills and using them to reach out to others.  They were given the assignment to meet one new person, introduce themselves, and get to know them better. We did role playing practice to get ready.  Then they report back to the class.  Laren came up to me at the end of class and said “This is why I took Leadership.  It helps me come out of my shell and meet people”.  Music to my ears.  Proud of that kid! 

May you have some wins this week to keep your fuel tank full!

Worm Wednesday – Activity Idea

What to do when you can’t hold assemblies or lunch activities? Try Worm Wednesday! A Gr. 12 student’s idea, I cannot take credit. We ordered 120 Magic Wiggle Worms on a String. We then handed them out first come first serve from our Walmart greeters. They don’t come individually wrapped so we used tongs to Covid safe hand them out. Kids were playing with them before school and at lunch. Maybe in their classes too 🙂 Lots of posts on Instagram about the worms. Pretty sure there were lots of smiles behind those masks. Right now at Centennial we can’t do the big stuff so we adjust. The small stuff can make a big difference. Here is the link to the worms I purchased from Amazon.

Leadership Classroom Activity – Fun Fridays

Thanks to Rebecca Paquette from JCS in Calgary for the Fun Friday idea and inspiration. Each Friday my Leadership class plays. We put aside lessons and projects and have fun. I am a veteran of two Fun Fridays and I am now a believer. For the first week we went outside and played games like duck duck goose and fruit basket turnover. Last Friday we played Kahoot. We did Disney Trivia and then Halloween Trivia. I bought prizes from the dollar store for the winners. The boxes of Wagon Wheels and the Pringles chips were a hit. Mini Oreos not so much. Students are loving Fun Fridays. Two weeks ago they were trying to convince me to do it on a Thursday because of no school the Friday before Thanksgiving. I said sorry no, must be a Friday. Here are the links for the two Kahoot quizzes I used.



May your magic worms be wiggly and your Fridays fun.


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