“Mr. Dickson, I was bored during quarantine and made 125 snowflakes.  Can we use all of them?” 

I came into the Leadership classroom before school to discover many garbage bags full of 3D snowflakes that weren’t there when I left the night before.  A mystery indeed!  Gr 10 Kaitlyn came for her class period two, solved the mystery,  and claimed ownership of the snowflakes.  Her group was making 3D snowflakes to decorate the Beverly Seniors Center.  Normally we visit there once a week but not this year.  At one time while Kaitlyn was out we had 21/80 teachers and 400 /1200 students quarantined.  It was not easy for those at home or at school.

Leadership Experiment – Does Kaitlyn fit inside a snowflake bag? Almost!

Kaitlyn inspired me.  She could have sat home watching Netflix but instead chose to do some good.  We started 2020 talking about having a 20/20 vision perspective.  Kind of forgot about that in March.  I would say that Kaitlyn didn’t.  Her vision of the world is just fine.

 I love teaching Student Leadership because of the magic moments.  May 2021 be full of magical Student Leadership moments for you too! 

Happy Holidays to you and your Crew. 


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