Ugh!!! Covid drags on.  In Calgary and most of Alberta we are back to online school the last two weeks with at least two more to go. My guess is students may be out the rest of the school year.  Alberta has the highest Covid positivity rate in North America. Feels like there is no end in sight. I got my vaccine two weeks ago but that emotional high has petered out. Another day of teaching to the little green dot at the top of my laptop. Ugh!!! 

Leadership 10 class – as kids are joining J turns on his microphone and enthusiastically wishes me a Happy May The Fourth Be With You Day!!! 

Let me tell you about J. He has autism and the accompanying struggles that often brings in social class settings.  As the parent of a profoundly autistic son I have a soft spot for these challenges. J struggled at the beginning of the semester with the unique routines a Leadership class has.  It took work from both of us for him to feel comfortable, settled, and engaged.  Then a friendship started to grow. When students were still in person J would come every morning to check in and see what we are doing in class that day.  He enjoyed being in class and I believe felt connection. He faithfully attends online every day and always turns on his microphone to say hi and share comments when most students only use the chat box or say nothing. 

J wished me a Happy May the 4th and brought some sunshine to my soul. These are the wins that keep me going. 

A Happy May the 4th to all of you.  May you have some wins today.  I think I may watch The Empire Strikes Back tonight – with my boys – everyone knows it is the best of the Star Wars movies!! 

Shared this short May the 4th video with my class.  Seemed to go over well.

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