One week left until Christmas Break – 5 days of school – everyone is tired. My Leadership 10s are running a Brown Bag Fundraiser.  We have a number of students at school who experience a food deficit at home.  We offer them food at lunch each day.  There is no money to support this so we rely on fundraising.  Each period 1 class is given an envelope with a fundraising goal based on the equivalent of $5 per person.  If the class meets their goal they get a class party and a bag of popcorn for each student.

The day before the deadline my class, the class running the fundraiser, is less than halfway to their goal.  This is embarrassing.  Dickson can’t even motivate his own class to meet the goal.  I gave them one last pep talk but I was not optimistic.

Friday morning first thing I invite students who have donations to come up and put them in the envelope. The asked for amount was $5 per student.  Some come up and put $20 each in the envelope. I added up the total and we exceeded our class goal by $25.  Then one student told me she had a cheque for the fundraiser. It was a $1000 donation from her mom’s business.  My students came through.  I announced to the class that we had exceeded our goal by $1025 :).

Centennial students came through as they raised over $6400 for the Brown Bag program.  Coyotes feeding Coyotes – a small miracle at Centennial.

I had another unexpected heartwarming moment yesterday.  A Gr 10 student gave me a Christmas present and card pictured above.  She let me know that she made the present herself and I and one other teacher were the only ones that got one.  Makes all the craziness around being a Leadership Advisor worth it.

May you experience similar Brown Bag miracles and thoughtful presents as well this time of year.

Happy Holidays – enjoy the break!

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