A new staff appreciation student leadership group has been formed.  What to do, what to do?  They were looking for a creative idea and I had nothing.  Most of our staff have been at Centennial for a while so they have seen it all.  Then the minor leadership teacher miracle occurred.  They came up with a great idea all on their own.  Staff Appreciation Wordle! Here is what they did.  We got a staff list – make sure to include everyone, not just teachers.  They then made a spread sheet which listed each staff member.  Students then asked other students who knew those staff to share some kind words that described them.  They imputed those words by each staff on the spreadsheet. They were able to get enough words for about 80% of the staff and I helped them with the rest.  This took some time but they made sure that the words were specific to each staff member.

Then they went to https://worditout.com/ to create the wordles.  We printed them on cardstock and students signed and wrote a personal note on the back side of the card.  We put them in staff mailboxes and I sent an accompanying email to everyone explaining that the words on their card came from asking their students to describe them.  Easy Peasy!

The reaction I got was surprisingly awesome.  I have never had so many thank you emails and staff coming personally to thank me and the students for a staff appreciation activity.  The common response was how personal it felt and what a boost it gave them. These wordles worked.

Then if you are really lucky students will ignore you when you say to not bother making a wordle for you.  After they handed the wordless out I got this.  It went right up on the keepsake bulletin board.

Bonus Staff Appreciation idea – an oldie and a goldie – Pi Day – we are doing this in 2 weeks

Take pie around to all the staff as to celebrate March 14  3/14  or 3.14 – pi – get it 🙂

Happy Pi Day

Looking for a speaker? 

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