At the end of Semester 1 we held our Gr 9 tours. We are a 10-12 school so this is a chance to welcome the Class of 2026! 25 Leadership all stars came in to help guide tours on a day when there were no classes or exams. After a quick opening assembly they would take their group of Gr 9s to several different stations showing them what Centennial has to offer. When they came to the Leadership room 4 Gr 10s gave them an introduction to our program. They then asked the Leadership tour guides if they had anything to add. I was sitting in the back corner of the room and got to listen. 90% of the responses, to my surprise, were not about activities and events we had run. Instead they talked about what it was like in class.

“This is my favorite class. I met so many new people and feel so comfortable here.”

“I have met some of my best friends here the last three years in Leadership Class.”

“This is a great place to be where you can be you and feel accepted.”

Turns out connection is important. As we take on semester 2 with new students or those we have been working with all year keep focusing on connection. It is what matters most to our kids.

Just want to take a moment to brag here. We had a successful Semester 2 kick off retreat last week. Students hit a strip mall for lunch treats and a few went to the dollar store for accessories. My retreat partner in crime Jasmine and I both look fantastic in our new bunny ears students brought back for us.

I do want to point out they specifically chose the glitter ears for me. I am honoured! 🙂

All the best as you roll into semester 2!!!

One thought on “Turns Out Connection Matters!

  1. Yep! We are people first and no matter how introverted we are, we still want to feel connected. To provide connections in the classroom often seems inconvenient yet when we are intentional about it the payoff is powerful. Great work Brent!!

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