I was avoiding my dreaded bus cleaning assignment during exam break.  I couldn’t procrastinate anymore and headed to the custodian’s office for cleaning supplies. Then I saw something really cool.  Over a year ago we put Coyote paw prints up around the school.  Each paw print had the name of one of our staff or students. This is a classic Leadership idea that has been done by many people going back many years. On that day staff and students went hunting for their name.  Some people took theirs down and saved them.  I discovered in the custodian office that some of them had taken down their paw print and saved them in their office.  We found a way to help them feel appreciated and connected to their school. Over a year later and their paw prints are still up.

Why not make a bunch of small hearts and put everyone’s names at your school on them for Valentine’s Day.  A different twist on a classic idea.  Thanks to the Learning For Living blog for the idea. https://www.learningforliving.com/cultureblog

Looking for short, meaningful videos you can show to your classes or student councils?  Give “The Harbor” from Jostens a try.   

If you are a Jostens school contact your local rep and they will give you a log in code.  I find the videos to be relevant, engaging, and promote good discussion after. They also include discussion questions if you need them.  Mike Smith is the main speaker.  My students have also heard him at Canadian Student Leadership Conferences (CSLC) and the Global Student Leadership Summit (GSLS) and they loved him.   

I have started using the videos beyond my Leadership classes.  We have a short homeroom once a week and I have made select Harbor videos available to my staff to show.  I have got lots of positive feedback from staff.  Students are enjoying and learning from the videos. 

In one of the videos Mike referred to a book he wrote.  Some of my students wanted to get a copy.  So we placed an order for everyone who wanted one.  My son got one in his Christmas stocking.  All the feedback was very positive.  I found it cheapest and easiest to order direct from Jostens.  Click here if interested. https://www.jostens.com/apps/store/productDetail/2046004/JOSTENS-RENAISSANCE-EDUCATION/Climate-Boosters/2010122104291253354/CATALOG_SHOP/RENN_CLIMATE/Legacy-vs.-Likes-by-Mike-Smith-RN-112C/2017091204584952356/

For the record I am not getting a cut from Jostens or Mike Smith. 😊 I just like sharing good stuff. 

Does your school need a semester 2 energy boost?  I would love to come present to your whole school, staff, and / or student leaders.  Contact me if you are interested and we can make a plan. 

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