Find Your Tribe – helping students feel connected

Sept. 2019 -Arkan walked into his first day of classes in the Leadership room, put his arms in the air, and said "I'm home!" Jan. 2020 - Arkan comes into class, sees the "Oh the Places You'll Go!" books ready to be signed and says "Oh no, it means the end of Leadership is close." … Continue reading Find Your Tribe – helping students feel connected

Fight the in class cell phone glow

Freedom Writers Graphic Assignment You have chosen a movie or video to show your class.  You have picked something that you are pretty sure they haven't seen and hopefully will enjoy and learn something from.  You start the movie or video and then as you look across the class you see many students embraced by … Continue reading Fight the in class cell phone glow

Centennial’s Got Butter!!??

Fun lunchtime activity to try.  We advertised "Centennial's Got Butter" all over the school and on Instagram.  We did a take on America's Got Talent.  The Centennial's Got Butter logo looked the same as America's Got Talent.  One of our ads put the faces of our teacher judges over the actual AG Talent judges.  Using … Continue reading Centennial’s Got Butter!!??

Leadership Class of 2017

A huge shout out to our 3 year Student Leadership grads.  They have made a huge difference in their 3 years at Centennial.  At lunch today we had treats, watched the traditional powerpoint with three years of pictures, and handed out the "Oh The Places You'll Go" signed books.  Thanks to Ms. McGregor  (Mama McGreggs) … Continue reading Leadership Class of 2017